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Give your case the second chance it deserves.

Whether you’re an attorney seeking help with your family law appeal or a litigant hoping to reverse an unfavorable decision, it’s our goal to transform what’s normally a complex, daunting process into a rewarding experience powered by renewed possibilities.  


While we can never guarantee a specific outcome, we will be candid about your prospects for success on appeal, whether your goal is to overturn the lower court or reaffirm its decision.

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Christy A. Zlatkus, Equire

Christy A. Zlatkus is an exceptional oral advocate and family law attorney with over a decade of experience providing compassionate counsel to clients in their most challenging moments. A self-described “family law nerd,” Christy loves poring over transcripts to identify evidentiary objections and reviewing the latest case law, and she is passionate about appellate advocacy as an opportunity to shape public policy as our families evolve.


Christy is licensed to practice in Maryland and the District of Columbia, and is an active member of the Bar Associations of Montgomery and Frederick counties, and the Maryland State Bar Association. She is also a co-chair of the Montgomery County Bar Foundation’s Continuing Legal Education Committee and is a member of the prestigious Montgomery County, Maryland Bar Foundation Bar Leaders.

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