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Z Family Law: Your Appellate Advocates

At Z Family Law, we're here to help you help your clients by advocating for their interests throughout every step of the complex appeals process.

Why Should You Refer Your Client to an Appellate Attorney?

It's simple: An appellate attorney devotes the time that you may not have to execute an appeal on your own.

If you're an attorney with a busy trial practice, you know first-hand how much time it takes to prepare an appeal, conduct additional research, and author a robust appellate brief. Between the everyday demands of your practice, that's time you don't have to focus on the work that developing an effective appeal requires.


For Attorneys

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How We Support You and Your Clients

01.We Find a New Angle

As your appellate advocate, we’ll evaluate every case in a new light to provide a fresh perspective for the higher court. In many circumstances, the attorney who worked on a case from its inception might not be able to see strengths and weaknesses in the arguments as clearly as an appellate attorney, who can take a step back and meaningfully reframe the case to sway the court in favor of your client. 


Additionally, sometimes when you are in the heat of trial, you can forget which evidence was actually elicited and what nuanced testimony your client was able to give before the judge.

Services We Offer



For a busy trial practitioner like yourself, sharing the day-to-day responsibilities of the appellate process can save you time and effort. That's where Z Family Law comes in.


Our skilled appellate team can partner with you to perform the research, review the record, determine the issues to appeal, write the brief (along with any necessary motions), and argue the case before the appellate court.


Preparing your own appeal but seeking guidance on the process? Our team can act as a consultant for your appeal by providing:

• Assistance meeting procedural requirements 

• Help refining your arguments and editing your brief

• Advice on how to approach the court

• Tips on perfecting and delivering your oral argument


If you don't have time to draft an appellate brief but still want your name attached to it, Z Family Law offers ghost-writing support that empowers you to maintain complete control over your file from start to finish. Since you’ll be the attorney communicating with both the appellate court and client, ghost-writing services give you control over the arguments presented.  If you want to argue the case, but your research and appellate writing skills are rusty, we can help to write the appeal while you dazzle the court with your oral advocacy.

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